Sunday, January 6, 2019

From A Distance Epilogue

Title: From A Distance Epilogue
Series: Another Life
Warning: spanking

“Does that book tell how red your butt is going to be when I’m done with you?”

Misham jumped at the angry growl. Turning around, he flinched at the intensity in Chandir’s eyes. He and Enoch had been so engrossed in the book, they didn’t hear anyone enter. Misham saw Enoch look at Chandir and then look to the other dominant who’d come in as well. Wryn’s eyes were just a fierce as Chandir’s.

“Do not look to me for reprieve. I will take a turn after Chandir.” Wryn’s voice held no sympathy as he stalked toward Enoch.

Misham tried to intervene. “Please. I am to blame. I found this.” He held out the piece of thin leather that had marked their way. His voice drifted off and he almost dropped the map when his own dominant, Elden, stepped out from behind Chandir.

“There’s enough blame to go around. Like a ripple in a pond, actions spread to many.” Elden’s voice quietly echoed through the room. He took the map out of Misham’s unresisting grasp. “There are several chambers. We can rest the night through and start home with the sun rising.”

Misham swallowed hard. He’d not only feel his own repentance but that of Enoch’s as well. He knew Elden would shield him from the worse of it, but he couldn’t block all of the young sub’s emotions.

“We’ll choose one as far from each other as we can, but we cannot delay discipline.” Wryn’s words held understanding.

He nodded to Wryn. He knew that punishment would be delivered tonight. To wait would be agonizing for both subs. Their dominants would always place their subs’ wellbeing first. Even if that meant a spanking within hearing of others.

As the three dominants looked over the map, deciding where to sleep for the night, the adrenaline that had filled Misham since finding the map dissipated. With a clear head, Misham knew that different choices could have been made. They could have told Chandir, Wryn, and Elden about the map. They would have helped them find the hidden library. They would have planned and discussed the safest passage, but they wouldn’t have stopped him and Enoch from going.

Guilt had filled his heart when he felt a tidal wave of even more guilt wash over him. Misham lifted his eyes to Enoch’s. “Our decisions were our own. There is no need to feel guilt over me.”

Misham saw Elden raise his head. His eyes held pride. Pride that Misham was giving truthful comfort to Enoch.

“Come, we’ll go down this corridor,” Elden said.

Misham hadn’t realized how cold he was until Elden took his hand. Heat radiated from his dominant into his hands. They walked side by side down the dark hallway. They passed several doors, only stopping at the end of the hall.

Elden pulled on the handle and held the door open, encouraging Misham inside. A table and a few chairs were the only items inside. Misham stood frozen. Unsure of what to do. He turned to face Elden when he heard his name called.

Elden stood with his back against the door. Arms held open. Misham didn’t hesitate but rushed into the beckoning embrace.

“I’ll hold you and protect you from the worse of it. Your discipline will have to wait until Enoch’s is over. I do not want the emotions to become confused within you.” Elden’s arms and words comforted Misham.

Thanking the stars again for sending him a dominant who understood his needs, Misham slid down the door with Elden. The arms that held him tight couldn’t block all the emotions flowing to him but would shield him from the worst.

Although he couldn’t hear what Chandir and Wry were saying, he could feel the anger born of worry both dominants had felt. Enoch’s regret and sorrow tangled with the anger and worry. He burrowed deeper into Elden’s arms.

Misham’s stomach felt filled with lead as Enoch’s punishment started. Chandir wasn’t unduly cruel as he laid measured strokes across his sub’s bare bottom with his leather belt. Each stroke lessened Enoch’s guilt but increased his remorse. The weight in Misham’s stomach became heavier. The emotions of the other men warred with his own.

Enoch’s regret increased when Wryn’s punishment was delivered. Misham knew that Wryn was a gentle dominant, preferring to deliver a different punishment. Wryn only used his hand, but it didn’t diminish his sub’s contrition.

Slowly, forgiveness and repentance lifted the weight in Misham’s gut. Elden must have felt the relief flow through his body as his arms loosened around him.

“Had we been home or better insulated, leather would have striped your backside. But my hand will suffice to help you rid yourself of guilt.” Elden gently adjusted Misham so he was laying over his outstretched legs.

Misham shivered as his pants were wrestled down. He shivered with acceptance as well as remorse. Discipline was built into their DNA. It created bonds between them that were the heartbeat of their relationship.

Elden wasn’t merciless, but his hand delivered his displeasure with each strike. Even with his acceptance, Misham’s body twisted and turned as the spanking continued. He wasn’t trying to escape his fate, but the pain drove his body to find release.

The punishment lasted every bit as long as Enoch’s. Misham felt that it was only fair. His tears finally fell when the spanking was over. He was lifted and pulled up, back into Elden’s arms.

“Shhh. It is done. All is forgiven.”

Elden’s words of comfort washed over him, bringing him peace from within. When his tears were spent, he and Elden curled together on the hard floor. Sleep would be upon him soon, Misham knew. And with a new day on the horizon, peace filled him. The spirits of the Ancients calmed and quieted. They’d delivered their message and lives, new and old, would be revealed.


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